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Minutes of the THCDA Executive Committee

Via Conference Call, Oct. 2, 2019

Outgoing president Mike McKinnerney called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.


Present were outgoing president Mike McKinnerney, incoming president Justin Marschall, outgoing past president Bob Yelverton,  board member Carlos Gutierrez, outgoing secretary Garet von Netzer, incoming secretary Cheryl Cash and treasurer Edie McDaniel.  Board member Wade Littlefield couldn’t participate because of a serious ranching accident.


After calling the meeting to order, Mike thanked secretary Garet von Netzer for work done as secretary the last two years.  He then had incoming president Justin Marschall conduct the meeting.


Justin thanked Mike for work done as president these last two years.  He said he is still working on finding a replacement for an open executive committee position.


Next order of business was ensuring two names are approved for the association’s bank account.  Since Bob will be rotating off as past president, Mike moved and Bob seconded a motion to remove Bob’s name and add Justin’s name to the account.  He, along with Edie as treasurer, will be the two persons authorized to write checks to pay expenses.  The motion passed unanimously.


The next order of business was a discussion on whether or not to continue having Lori Titsworth serve as a paid bookkeeper for the association.  She had been approved in that role earlier, at $300 a quarter, but complications with hip-replacement surgery had kept her from fulfilling that role.


Justin said it was important to have an extra set of eyes on the association’s financials and have someone who could serve as a back-up treasurer should something happen to our treasurer.   Edie suggested that if a bookkeeper were contracted that she do her work in Quickbooks to make it easier for her as treasurer.  The consensus was to table a formal vote and to gather more information before moving forward.  The position’s viability will be discussed at the next meeting after more information is known.


Next order of business was discussion of the THCDA’s scholarship program, now administered by the Hill Country Foundation.    The HCF has managed the available scholarship funds well, said Justin, but its coverage area where the applications are solicited each year is much smaller than the overall area that includes THCDA members.  Justin has appointed Venicia Yelverton to chair a committee to look into the overall scholarship program and how to expand its reach where students from all over the association’s membership area are notified each year and encouraged to apply for scholarship monies.  Special emphasis in the selection process has always been given to young people involved with Dorper sheep, and the committee will recommend how that can be done more effectively.


Edie reported that $2,040 was raised from raffle tickets for three firearms at the September show/sale for the scholarship fund.


Edie noted that gross sales for the show/sale was $159,575, and that preliminary figures indicate that the show/sale event netted out about $18,000.  She said there are still some invoices still out.


Mike mentioned that another special sale will be held at the Lampasas Auction for registered and commercial Dorper sheep on Nov. 16, 2019.  There is a Nov. 1 deadline for entries to be included in the sale catalogue, he said.  Breeders can contact Mike for more information.


After a discussion, Mike moved and Cheryl seconded the association donate $100 to the women’s auxiliary of the Texas Sheep and Goats Raisers Association scholarship fund-raising efforts.  Motion passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:32 p.m.


Respectively Submitted By

Garet von Netzer, Outgoing Secretary




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